Ford Cites Backseat Driving and Road Rage As Two Behaviors That Make The Naughty List

OverTheEdge_800x425Borgman Ford would like to wish everyone in Grand Rapids and West Michigan a very happy holiday, and that they arrive at their destinations safely this season. With many, many people traveling to see relatives or out doing some last-minute shopping, slick weather conditions and urgency can combine to make people feel a little less than jolly. With tensions higher than normal, some of us might succumb to getting angry with other motorists, or passengers speaking ...abruptly with their drivers.

In a recent study, Ford found that these two things are the biggest contributors to added stress while driving. If you've ever driven up and down 28th Street, the East Beltline, or Alpine Avenue during the holidays you know all-too-well that more stress from inside the car is the last thing you need. While it's on us to restrain ourselves when holiday traffic puts us a little over the edge, Ford looked at the data and found much of these troubles stemmed from being distracted - whether it's a vehicle around you or the person who's driving you.

This latest post from the Official Ford Media Center tells more about the study they did, and how their suite of driver-assist technologies like Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane-Keeping Assist can help mitigate some causes of holiday travel stress before they happen. Take a look in this excerpt below:

A Ford-Conducted Survey Finds That Nagging Backseat Drivers Are A Key Source Of Stress On The Road

Ford asked American drivers and their passengers about the pain points associated with holiday travel to better understand stressful driving triggers. They discovered that holiday road rage is a pervasive issue and key driver of stress. The study also points to a potential solution to backseat driving, as many backseat drivers say they would stop backseat driving if there was something that could help control their drivers’ and other drivers’ actions on the road. While our driver-assist technologies do not control drivers, they can help people stay in their lane or automatically brake for possible risks ahead, can help people drive confidently and potentially quiet backseat driver complaints.

“Drivers already have to play defense against enough stressful driving scenarios during holiday road travel, between the traffic, bad road conditions, pedestrians and higher propensity of road rage,” says Angela Cascaden, Edge consumer marketing manager at Ford Motor Company. “Ford Co-Pilot360™, and other technology features in the new 2019 Ford Edge, are making cars smarter — helping drivers navigate stressful situations so they can enjoy the experience behind the wheel.”

Key reasons for backseat driving relate to two categories: various reckless actions while driving (92%) or reasons related to the driver’s technique (82%). Specifically, top complaints within these categories include speed (68%), getting too close to another car (61%), distracted driving (51%), jerky stop-and-go driving (34%) and veering out of the lane unintentionally (33%).

While Americans cannot control the road rage that surrounds them on the streets this holiday season, they can control the tensions happening right inside the car.

Read the full article about Ford C-Pilot 360 Driver-Assist Technologies on

Ease Travel Stress This Holiday & Year-Round in West Michigan

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