Apparently, a Christmas Tree Will Fit in the Passenger Seat of a Ford Focus

FordFocusRS_SnowDrift_800x425While we're busy spreading holiday cheer at Borgman Ford in Grand Rapids, unfortunately, there are folks out there having trouble getting into the spirit of the season. Recently, a surveillance video caught a real-life Grinch in North Carolina stealing a Christmas tree from the front lawn of a veterinary clinic. He then hastily stuffs it into his Ford Focus, drives off into the night, and at the time of this writing is still at large.

It's sad that someone would actually do this, but it's also good to know that if you're driving a Ford Focus this holiday and still need to get a Christmas tree, it turns out it will fit in the passenger seat of your vehicle. However, we'd recommend putting some plastic down to protect the seats and you know, buying it from a local farmer.

The animal hospital's staff aren't letting this modern-day Grinch ruin their holiday though, despite their bewilderment and disgust. Just like in the story, the Grinch's thieving ultimately couldn't take away the spirit of the season. We hope this guy's heart grows a few sizes and returns the tree too. Check out this link to the video below on WCNC:

real-life-grinch-ford-focusThis news story appeared on WCNC in Charlotte, North Carolina and was reported by Xavier Walton. Read the full story here.
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