While the West Michigan winter weather is undoubtedly beautiful to look at it, the cold weather adds challenges to a morning commute. Features of New Ford Vehicles such as heated windshield wipers, steering wheels, and seats certainly make travel more comfortable, there is nothing like climbing into a vehicle that's already warmed up and ready to go in the morning.

With the holidays coming up and the weather getting frightful, adding remote start to someone's vehicle makes a perfect gift for someone (or yourself!) Better yet, the experts at the Borgman Service Center in Grand Rapids will ensure that the installation is done correctly and in a timely manner so you can get right to enjoying your warm car during the frigid West Michigan mornings!

Added Comfort and Safety in the Cold Weather

It's a good idea to warm your car up a few minutes before driving in the winter both for comfort and mechanical reasons. If you don't have a heated garage, getting out to run the vehicle adds another task to what's surely a busy morning. Remote start lets you do this with the push of a button without leaving your home.

Apart from the comfort of driving a warmed vehicle, pre-warming with remote start also adds the benefit of safety to your morning drive. If you've ever driven with the vents still blasting cold air while trying to manually clear the windshield of fog or frost, you know how nerve-wracking and unsafe it is. Remote start gives the climate control a chance to warm up while you're still inside sipping coffee, and many newer Ford vehicles even have programmable climate control settings for when the vehicle is started.

Better yet, that pile of snow will be easier to remove from the warmer hood and windows when it is time to leave!

Your Engine Will Also Love Remote Start

Back in the days of the carburetor, warming up a cold vehicle was mandatory before you start driving. Thankfully modern vehicles with their complex engine management systems can get going after almost immediately, but that doesn't mean it's good for them. 

Running the engine at idle for five to ten minutes helps it last much longer in multiple ways. First, it warms the engine block itself, making fuel more combustible and motor oil thinner. As the motor oil warms, it has an easier time getting into all of the places it needs to go to keep everything lubricated. Second, under the hood is a complex network of rubber tubes and seals that are brittle and prone to cracking in the cold. As warm coolant moves through some of these, the rubber becomes more flexible and therefore, able to expand and contract as the engine is put under varying amounts of load - meaning accelerating or going up hills. 

Remote Start Can Help During The Summer Too

We know it's an odd time of year to be thinking about this, but remote start helps cool down a hot car in the summer months too! With programmable climate control, you can get the air conditioning going before it's time to leave the beach or the unshaded parking lot at your work. It's a feature that can be used in any season, not just during the winter months!

Add Remote Start to Your Vehicle at the Borgman Service Center in Grand Rapids Today

If you're considering adding remote start to your vehicle, or are thinking of giving it as a gift, trust the experts at the Borgman Service Center. We'll make sure the work is done right the first time and that every cold West Michigan morning is paired with a warm vehicle ready for the day.

Check out our Service Specials and Schedule Your Appointment online today. If you have any questions, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to help so please feel free to Contact Us. Come see why we're the Best in the West!

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