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With summer coming up, it's important to know that your vehicle's cooling system is running at peak capacity. Whether you're planning a simple road trip across West Michigan with the family or towing the boat out to Lake Michigan, your radiator and coolant play vital roles in keeping your engine running. Overlooking problems, or simply being unaware of them can sideline your vehicle in moments, so trust the experts at the Borgman Service Center in Grand Rapids to inspect your vehicle before starting your adventure.
This month, we're talking about coolant system flushes, why they're important, and how often you should have one done.

What Do Radiators & Coolant Do?

Your vehicle's radiator is a large heat exchanger located at the very front of your vehicle. A fan pulls heat away from the hot engine while the coolant moves throughout it, absorbing heat as it works its way through channels. When the pressurized coolant moves through the zig-zag of pipes in the radiator, the heat is released outside of the vehicle. The coolant is then returned to a reservoir where the process starts all over. 
When your engine burns gasoline to produce power, heat is released as a result. If not for the radiator and coolant, this heat would build up in the engine and start warping the metal components. This will quickly damage the engine and often require a complete replacement.

Why Do You Need A Coolant Flush, And How Often?

The Borgman Service Center recommends having your coolant flushed every 30,000 miles or every 5 years, whichever comes first. As it's used, the coolant begins to break down and lose the chemical properties that allow it to absorb heat more readily than plain water. Coolant also had properties that prevent corrosion. Once the coolant starts to break down, contaminates and corrosion can start to build up within the coolant lines, impacting efficiency and possibly damaging the radiator.
Flushing the coolant means draining the old coolant out, using new coolant to flush the contaminants out, and then filling the system with new, fresh coolant. When done at regular intervals as recommended, coolant flushes keep your radiator and engine running at peak efficiency and extend the life of these components.

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Radiator Flushes & Maintenance at the Borgman Service Center in Grand Rapids

Heading out of town this summer? Trust the experts at the Borgman Service Center in Grand Rapids to make sure your vehicle is running at peak efficiency. We offer many services from oil changes, coolant flushes, and complete repairs. No matter what your vehicle needs, our highly-trained technicians can handle it.

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