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Get ready to get back in gear and start your summer adventures with Borgman’s service guide. We’re here if you need a tune up before the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order lifts with free pickup, delivery, and loaners.
This month, we're giving you a quick list of some parts of your vehicle you should check before setting out on a Memorial Day road trip, including advice for how to identify potential problems. Let's get started!

First, Do A Quick Walk-Around

You'd be amazed at how many issues you'll be able to spot by just doing a quick walk around your vehicle. You can check for chips in the windshield, dings in the body, panels covering the underside of your vehicle coming loose, tire condition, and exhaust parts starting to fall out of place. Be sure to really crouch down and have a good look with a flashlight.

Tire Condition & Care

During your walk around is the perfect time to check the tread depth of your tires. The penny trick is still a good tried-and-true method for getting a general idea of how much tread you have left. Simply insert a penny upside down and facing you into your tire's tread. If you can see all of Abraham Lincoln's head, it's time for new tires.
While you're looking closely, check the tread wear to make sure that they're wearing evenly and inspect the sides of the tire for cracks or splits. If you have a tire gauge, it's a good idea to make sure they're properly inflated as well, and you can find that information on a sticker inside your door well or in your owner's manual. Uneven tread wear can point to issues with your alignment and suspension, and you should schedule an appointment with us right away.

Check Your Coolant Levels & Inspect Your Radiator

Now it's time to open the hood and check your fluid levels. While we're focusing on your cooling system below, it's not a bad idea to consult your owner's manual and check your engine oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and transmission fluid levels - taking careful note to measure the hot or cold levels - whichever is appropriate. 
First, never open your radiator cap if your engine is hot or even warm. Your coolant system is under pressure and the escaping fluids and/or steam can cause severe burns. Take a look at the fluid level in your reservoir and ensure it's within the acceptable range. Trace each coolant line with a flashlight and look for cracks, splits, and white-ish buildup around any of the joins or radiator cap, as these point to a leak. If your coolant level is low and you've found a leak, make sure to only use the matching color of coolant for your vehicle - do not mix and match colors! Next, schedule an appointment with the Borgman Service Center right away.

What To Do If Your Vehicle Overheats

If your vehicle begins overheating while you're driving, shut off the air conditioner, roll the windows down, and turn up the heater to full and try to vent heat from the engine bay, then pull over as soon as it is safe to do so. If the temperature returns to normal in a short amount of time, your radiator may have been overwhelmed. This usually happens while sitting in traffic on a hot day. If your vehicle does not cool down, shut the engine off and carefully open the hood to check your coolant level and check for leaks. Do NOT remove the radiator cap. If you are low on coolant, distilled water can work in a pinch but calling for roadside assistance is the best option. 

Checking Your Air Conditioning System

Once your vehicle is up to operating temperature, your air conditioning at full blast should be giving you goosebumps. On a pre-road trip drive, check and make sure your air conditioner is still going strong and isn't in need of a recharge. It's much better to know if it isn't working properly now rather than when the vehicle is all packed up and you're hitting the road.

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Review Your Service Records

Before you start your adventure, take a look at the service history of your vehicle and make sure you're not overdue for brakes, tire rotation, oil change, or other regular maintenance. If you're getting close on any of these, it's a good idea to visit the Borgman Service Center before you embark - we could also uncover unknown issues with your vehicle before they have a chance to delay your trip.

Borgman Service in Grand Rapids is Here For All of Your Vehicle Needs

Time for new tires? Air conditioning not working? Schedule your appointment with the Borgman Service Center in Grand Rapids today with Free Pickup & Delivery during the Michigan Stay Home, Stay Safe order. Be sure to check out the latest Service Specials and Make Your Appointment Online today to get the service you need before making your first summer trip in West Michigan. Come see why we're the Best in the West for over 60 years!
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