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During the global semiconductor shortage, placing a Custom Order is your best option for getting the exact Ford or Mazda that you want. 

By custom ordering with Borgman, you get the chance to leverage all of our sales team's knowledge to select the best, and most cost-effective features on your vehicle. We'll work with you to help you specify your perfect trim level and options package. During the inventory shortage, we're also offering an extra $1,000* for all customers who custom order their vehicle. Although we can't guarantee the arrival date of your new Ford due to current manufacturing conditions, we figure the extra $1,000 will help you enjoy your wait time! Plus, if "life happens" or you decide to choose another vehicle, no worries. There are no strings attached - you're covered under our Love It Guarantee.

To help our team get started on your order, simply fill out the fields below and we'll get things started before your appointment. Please give us as much information as possible, because we may have something available today that fits your needs!

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